The dream of a successful company

Human Professional Personalberatung AG celebrates its 10th anniversary. Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard made her dream come true. Today she is owner of one of the leading recruitment consultancies in the Zurich area. Yet it all began on a small scale.

On 25th January 2007 Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard signs the certification of incorporation at the notary’s office. This is the foundation of Human Professional Personalberatung AG, her recruitment consultancy located at Muehlegasse 13 in Zurich. Being the daughter of entrepreneurs and having profound knowledge of the recruitment business as well as in human resources on the client’s side Anita makes a fresh start and dreams of an own company. She knows exactly what she wants: filling permanent positions in the commercial area on a high standard showing full commitment and joy and focusing on the essentials.

The first client

On 1st March 2007 Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard welcomes her first client in her own office. However, this should not remain the only client! The young business woman focusses on her company’s success tirelessly, fully dedicated and ambitiously. She establishes contacts, acquires new clients and places candidates. The human being has been in her focus ever since.

 The company grows

With a lot of passion and her open-minded and honest way to communicate Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard gains her clients’ and candidates’ trust. The company grows fast. Being successful she often meets skeptical people. She often is told to be too young to lead such an enterprise and that the economical situation is extremely tough. Whatever the critics say, Human Professional Personalberatung AG becomes a prosperous company. Soon Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard has to think about hiring additional personnel. In May 2010 she moves together with 7 employees into a bigger office to Schweizergasse.

The business expands

In 2011 a second office is founded in Pfaeffikon SZ. With additional six employees, clients are supported in the areas around the Lake of Zurich, Lucerne and Zug. But a second office also means more administrative and organizational effort. This is why Anita’s husband joins the management team in October 2011.

Changes are made

2013 begins with the relocation of the Zurich office from Schweizergasse to Bahnhofstrasse. At this time the company employs 22 people. The whole recruitment business, the clients, the candidates – so to say the complete surrounding of Human Professional Personalberatung AG – is in a constant change. This means you need to stay flexible and to adjust. In September 2016 a fundamental decision is made: the office in Pfaeffikon SZ will be closed. The reasons are simple: market conditions, optimization of the company structure and improvement of the internal communication. The idea is to centralize all employees in one place. Administrative and organizational expenses can be reduced. At the same time process simplifications and improvement of communication with clients and candidates are possible. All employees move to the office at Bahnhofstrasse.

Change is a constant process

In 2016 several other organizational and structural changes are made. Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard defines new internal processes to adjust to the fast moving recruitment market. In January 2017 Renate Raschendorfer and Marcel Seiler, two long-standing employees, take over the operational management of Human Professional Personalberatung AG. The foundations have been laid to begin the new year. A year with many reasons to celebrate.

The anniversary

In 2017 Human Professional Personalberatung AG celebrates its 10th anniversary. Starting a small, unknown company Human Professional Personalberatung AG today is one of the leading recruitment consultancies in the Zurich area. Today the company employs 20 people. It also has excellent clients’ contacts and it has been a door opener to a great amount of candidates on their job search. The recruitment market continues to require adaptations and changes of a company. Anita Reichmuth-Lienhard and her team are looking forward to these challenges. During the past Human Professional Personalberatung AG has demonstrated how to focus an the human being and how job searching is a matter of trust.

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